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Upcoming Events & Classes  


~Hybrid Healing Circle~

**NEW** Our next Healing Circle

will be a hybrid.  It will be available in 

person in Grand Bend and Online via


Take a few hours to give yourself a little love.

This circle offers a space for healing,

connection, compassion & community. All

are welcome and no experience is required. 

Date - Sat, April 20th


Exchange - Donation

Location - 9564 Greenway Road,

Grand Bend and via ZOOM 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 747 124 7873
Passcode: Willow

Register - 

~Alchemical Healing Group Gatherings~

These gatherings are offered to anyone who

has taken any level of Alchemical Healing

and is looking for support in their Alchemical

Healing Journey.  These quarterly, 90 min

sessions will be lead by a Qualified Alchemical

Healing Teacher​. 

These sessions are a great opportunity to ask

your questions regarding Alchemical Healing.

This can include questions about the

preparation for an AH Session or questions

regarding things that have happened during

an AH Session.  It could be questions about

techniques used in Alchemical Healing.   

Whatever questions that you may have

regarding your experience with Alchemical



Included with this session is a 30 min

review/discussion of an aspect or tool within

Alchemical Healing.  This could include topics

like the Heart Breath, Setting Space,

Protection, Discernment etc. 


Location:  Zoom Only (Replay Available)

Exchange:  $22


~ Wed, April 24th, 2024 - 7:00pm EST

    (Diving Deeper into the Heart Breath)

~ Wed, July 31st, 2024 - 7:00pm EST

    (Using our Discernment)

~ Wed, Oct 30th, 2024 - 7:00pm EST

    (Protection - what, how, when, why)

~ Wed, Jan 29th, 2024 - 7:00pm EST

    (Setting your Space)


Foot Detox**New**

I will now be offering Foot Detox

by appointment.

Grab a few friends and book an

appointment today.  This detox will help

gently purify all major organs and

systems in the body and you will leave

feeling renewed and refreshed.  

Contact me to book your spot today! 
Exchange: $35

Location: Grand Bend

~Soul Alignment Retreat ~

Bring yourself back into alignment

during this One-Day Special Retreat. 

This Day will include Meditation,

Energy Healing, Drumming,

Gentle Movement, Manifestation,

Angel Cards, & More.

Included in your day: nutritious lunch,

with healthy snacks and tea

throughout the day.

Date - Sat, May 11th

Exchange - $133

Location - In-Person @ Willow Roots

Grand Bend

Register -


Spots will be limited, so book your

spot today! 

Full Moon Float and Fire Ceremony~

Take the time to celebrate the

Flower Moons warm and loving energy.

With the last bit of frost and cold ending,

the soil is now bursting with life and full of possibilities.

So too does the human spirit awaken to the

possibilities and potential of the coming season.

It is the perfect time to plant the seeds for tomorrow

and to let go of anything no longer serving us.

Let us use the moons energy to deepen our spiritual

connection and our souls alignment. 

Date: Friday May 24th
Time: 7 pm - 10:00 pm (ish)
Exchange: $44
 or $54 with Kayak rental (limited)
Location: 9564 Greenway Rd Grand Bend



~Spiritual Sunrise Journey in Sedona~


My first 'away' retreat will be in Sedona

Arizona USA.  It will be an experience

like no other and I’m excited to share it

with you!

Being held in sacred space, as the land

nurtures, activates and heals our bodies,

minds & spirits. It will cleanse and ignite

your soul, so that you can evolve to new and

exciting heights.

Join us for 5 days of soul filling experiences.

We will start our days with Sunrise Ceremonies

basking in the energy of the sun, with the quiet

stillness of Mother Nature.

Date October 20th - October 25th, 2024

Please visit the "Retreat" tab for more information.

~New Offering at Willow Roots~ 
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

QHHT is a hypnosis technique that accesses

your past lives and connects you to your

higher consciousness. 

Click on the "treatment tab" for more

information or to book an appointment. 

~Sekhmet in the Belly of the Goddess~

Join Cheryl as she will be assisting and apprenticing

with Sekhmet and Nik Balogh for a Shamanic

Journey of introspection, transformation and

healing.  During this online course you will

immerse and participate in a life changing journey

facilitated by the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet.  This

transformational process begins with a tangible

way to transmute the lead of your most deeply

ingrained reflexive responses into the gold of

enlightened choice.

(Based on the Book & Journeys from Nicki Scully)


Date: To be rescheduled

Location: Online

Exchange: $777

Register at Sekhmet | Nik Balogh


~Save the Date~

Journey to Egypt

Date - November 2025




~Save the Date~

Iceland Retreat 

Date - To be Rescheduled to 2026

~Unlocking the Matrix The New Codes of Ancient Egypt~

Have you grabbed your own copy of my new

book yet? Unlocking the Matrix The new

Codes of Ancient Egypt is now available on

Amazon! Pick up your copy today!

~Online Courses Now Available~

Willow Roots now has online course available

for you at your own convince. We offer 3

different online courses:

~Goals, Dreams & Manifestations
You will learn tips & tools to start manifesting the life you desire.

~Initiation Into Intuition
You will be given tools & techniques to tap into this amazing source of intelligence that lies within.

~Understanding Energy
Teaches you how energy affects you, how to protect your energy, boost your energy, and clear negative energy. 

Click on the "online courses" tab for more information.

~Private Classes & Courses~

Have a group that may be interested

in one of my courses, classes or

Meditation Nights? Contact me about 

details & scheduling your own private

group sessions.

Do you have ideas & topics for classes

you would like to see offered?  Send

me an email with your suggestions. 

I would love to hear  your ideas.


~Other Healing Circles~

Nik Balogh

36499 2nd Line, Southwold

Last Saturday of the Month, 9:30-11:30am 

Cost - Donation

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