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Upcoming Events & Classes  


~Healing Circle~

Healing Circle is a safe place where you

can share, connect and receive within a

beautiful community of souls. These

circles offer a space for connection,

compassion & community. No

experience required.

Date - Saturday, September 9th


Exchange - Donation

Location - 9045 Fletcher Road, London        

~Connecting with the Sphinx~

During our time together I will share some interesting theories and information about the Sphinx and what I have personally experienced standing between the paws and from journeying inwards.  You will also have an opportunity yourself to connect directly to the energy and wisdom of this incredible earth altar as I take you on a journey into the heart of the Sphinx, where you can experience what lies inside and outside this grand structure.  


Dates -Sept 20th


Exchange -Free

Location - Online Via Zoom




~Ionic Foot Detox~

Peggy from The Natural Touch is back

offering her incredible services at

Willow Roots using her Ionic Foot Detox.

This detox will help gently purify all

major organs and systems in the body

and you will leave feeling renewed &


Seven (7) time slots are available with

a 3-4 person limit for each time.

Date - Tuesday, September 26th 

4:00pm - 9:00pm

Exchange - $40

Location - 9045 Fletcher Road, London

Contact me to save your spot now!

~Alchemical Healing Level II~​​

This class is open to students who have taken

Alchemical Healing level I and want to learn

more and practice this powerful healing form

on deeper levels. We will explore Akashic

healing and other techniques and initiations.

~ Caduceus Empowerment

~ More on Power Animals & Guides

~ Elemental Initiation & Healing

~ Healing techniques using Akasha

~ Electromagnetic current initiation

~ Time to practice new skills 

Date - Sep 29-Oct 1, 2023

Fri 6-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm &

Sun 9am-3:30pm

Exchange - $500 / Retake $300

~ Accommodations $100 for both nights

Location - 9564 Greenway Road, Grand Bend

Registration - See 'Alchemical Healing Tab' 

~Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt~

The Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt is

starting Soon!!! ​

If Egypt is calling you and you are being

drawn to the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt,

this may be the course for you.

In this online Course you will be taken

through a series of journeys to awaken the

Healing Power of the Heart. You will feel

and sense that you are walking with the

Gods at their temples along the Nile River.

This course weaves the healing power of

alchemy, while teaching you about the

ancient Gods and experiencing Egypt like

you have never experienced it before.

These rites will renew the heart and return

heart centered perspective to the lives of

all who pass through the portals within.

There are 2 rounds to this alchemy split

into five 90 min classes each.  Each class

will have time journeying, journaling and

sharing.  The 1st Round is a pre-requisite 

for the 2nd Round.  Please know that each

class builds on the previous class.  If you

miss a session, it will be recorded and 

provided to everyone to catch up before

the next class.

Exchange: $170 per Round or $300

if paid in full for both Rounds.

Location: Online Via Zoom

The Book Required for this Course

is Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by

Nicki Scully & Linda Star Wolf

First Round Dates for 2023:

Wed, Oct 11th, 7-9:00pm 

          ~ Dove & Nekhbet-Mother-Mut

Mon, Oct 16th, 7-8:30pm

           ~ Nephthys & Isis

Wed, Oct 18th, 7-8:30pm

           ~ Khnum & Sphinx

Mon, Oct 23rd, 7-8:30pm

          ~ Sobek/Horus & Sekhmet

Wed, Oct 25th, 7-9:00pm

          ~ Ma'at, Thoth & Kephera

Second Round Dates for 2023; 

Wed, Nov 15th, 7-9:00pm

         ~ Bast, Anubis & Osiris

Mon, Nov 20th, 7-8:30pm

           ~ Hathor, Set & Wadjet

Wed, Nov 22nd, 7-8:30pm

           ~ Sothis & Khonsu

Mon, Nov 27th, 7-8:30pm

           ~ Amun-Ra & Ptah

Wed, Nov 29th, 7-9:00pm

          ~ Nut/Geb & Awakening

~Igniting Your Intuition~

        (Full Day Workshop)

This workshop is designed for those

who want to deepen their connection

with their intuition and learn new ways 

to connect, channel & receive intuitive

thoughts & messages.


This course includes my Online Video

Series Initiation into Intuition, which is

recommended prior to attending this

workshop. (Initiation to Intuition Video

Series will be emailed to you upon

complete registration & payment)


Lunch is not included with this workshop,

so please plan to bring a bagged lunch.


Date - Sun, Nov 5th, 2023


Exchange - $111

Location - 9564 Greenway Road,

Grand Bend


~NEW Save the Dates~

Sedona Arizona USA Retreat

Date - Oct 20th-25th 2024 



Iceland Retreat 

Date - Sept/Oct 2025

For more information on these retreats please see - 'Retreat" tab.

~Private Classes & Courses~

Have a group that may be interested

in one of my courses, classes or

Meditation Nights? Contact me about 

details & scheduling your own private

group sessions.

Do you have ideas & topics for classes

you would like to see offered?  Send

me an email with your suggestions. 

I would love to hear  your ideas.


~Other Healing Circles~

Nik Balogh

36499 2nd Line, Southwold

Last Saturday of the Month, 9:30-11:30am 

Cost - Donation

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