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Alchemical Healing

Alchemical healing is a beautiful energy healing modality.  It utilizes the Life Force Energy among many other amazing tools.  This type of healing is about removing what is no longer serving you and replacing that energy with light and love. 


It is my belief that all physical, emotional, and mental health issues can be treated with Alchemical Healing. The body has the inherent ability to heal itself, however sometimes it needs a little assistance to get there.

According to Nicki Scully, Author of Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine:


"Healing by nature is an alchemical process.  With clear intention and resolve, we learn to use our adversarial situations to help us grow spiritually, emotionally, and even physically, which opens up a myriad of possibilities regarding how we choose to live our lives and how we relate to one another and the world."

Alchemical Healing


We gather from a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon for 20 hours of class time either in person or via zoom.  Gathering in sacred space practicing this powerful healing art form always creates a magical experience for all.

If attending the online course, practice will be done with break out rooms with a teacher available for questions and guidance.

Many re-take these courses several times to experience the Magic and to deepen in this work.​  30% off for those who have previously taken AH

A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot.

Alchemical Healing

Level I

Alchemical Healing.jpg

This comprehensive healing course combines diverse and innovative techniques that are practical and applicable in today's world for physical healing and therapeutic counseling.


All people desiring self healing and increasing their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience. You will learn a powerful healing form that allows you to access the Universal Life force energy and develop a working relationship with spirit allies from the animal, plant, and mineral realms.

Level I Classes Includes:

  • Fire Mist Shower Empowerment

  • Opening of the hands & third eye

  • Distant Healing

  • Ethics of Healing

  • Forgiveness 

  • Other Therapeutic Processes 

Alchemical Healing

Level I

March 13-16th, 2025

Thurs 6pm-9pm EST

(Thurs Online Only), 

Fri 6pm-9pm 

Sat 9am-5pm &

Sun 9am-3pm

Location ~ Online (Z00m) & In person

Exchange $555 for Online & $650 In Person

Please add an additional $100 if accommodations are required. 

~30% OFF for Retakes~

In the Belly of the Goddess

Join Cheryl as she will be assisting and apprenticing with Sekhmet and Nik Balogh for a Shamanic Journey of introspection, transformation and healing. 

During this 8 day In-Person Retreat (also available online) you will immerse and participate in a life changing journey facilitated by the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet.  This transformational process begins with a tangible way to transmute the lead of your most deeply ingrained reflexive responses into the gold of enlightened choice. (Based on the Book and Journeys by Nicki Scully)


Dates for 2024:  
Friday, Sept 27th ~ October 4th

Location: In-Person & Online

Willow Roots, Grand Bend

9564 Greenway Road

Exchange: In-Person ~ $1,111

Online ~ $777 CAD

Sekhmet Retreat Location & In-Person Accommodations:


Willow Roots is located on 26 wooded acres just minutes from the shores of Lake Huron and 10 minutes south of the quaint village of Grand Bend.  This beautiful Retreat Space includes private lake, walking trails, swimming pool and mystic Labyrinth.  You will feel the powerful healing & rejuvenating energy of this property as you drive through the tall pines that guide your way to the Retreat.  Accommodations are included with your Retreat Package for the week and include the following locations:


  • Private and semi-private beds (shared rooms) available onsite at Willow Roots.  These rooms & beds are located in the private residence of the Facilitator (Cheryl).  Private rooms and semi-private beds are also available in the Trailer located on-site. 

  • Semi-private beds (shared rooms) are also available at a Lake Front Cottage on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron in Port Franks, just 10 quick mins from Willow Roots.

  • Availability is limited for private rooms, however, depending on the number of in-person participants, we will endeavour to provide the most private accommodations for each participant.  

Alchemical Healing

Level II


This class is open to students who have taken Alchemical Healing level I and want to learn more and practice this powerful healing form on deeper levels. We will explore Akashic healing and other techniques and initiations.

Level II Classes Include:


·       Caduceus Empowerment

·       Power Animals & Guides

·       Elemental Initiation & Healing

·       Healing using Akasha

·       Electromagnetic Current


·       Time to practice new skills 

Alchemical Healing

Level II

June 5-8th, 2025

Thurs 6pm-9pm EST, 

(Thurs Online Only), 

Fri 6pm-9pm 

Sat 9am-5pm &

Sun 9am-3pm

Location ~ Online Zoom

Exchange ~ $555 CAD - Online

~$650 CAD - In Person 

Accommodations extra

~30% OFF for Retakes

Alchemical Healing

Level III


This class is open to students who have taken Alchemical Healing levels I and II and want to learn more and practice this powerful healing form on deeper levels. We will explore advanced shamanic practices and other techniques and initiations.

Level III Classes Include:

  • Advanced Shamanic & Alchemical Healing practices

  • Sucking cure

  • Timeline work with Akasha

  • Wisdom of the Heart 

  • Avolokitesvara Empowerment

  • Planetary Healing Practices

  • Sound in Healing

  • Time to practice new skills 

Alchemical Healing

Level III

Nov 21st-24th 2024

Thurs 6pm-9pm EST, 

(Thurs Online Only), 

Fri 6pm-9pm 

Sat 9am-5pm &

Sun 9am-3pm

Location ~ Online Zoom & In Person

Exchange ~ $555 CAD - Online

~$650 CAD - In Person

Accommodations $100 Extra

~30% OFF for Retakes~

Alchemical Healing

Mentorship Programs

Practitioner in Training Program

This Program is available for those who have completed all 3 levels of Alchemical Healing and who have an interest in becoming an Alchemical Healing Practitioner.  It is also for those who wish to refine their Alchemical Healing SkillsThis Program offers support, guidance and feedback during Healing Sessions to the Practitioner in Training (PIT) by a qualified Alchemical Healing Teacher.  


The Alchemical Healing Teacher will advertise these Practitioner in Training Healing Sessions at a reduced rate (by 30%).  This helps to encourage clients to sign up for a Healing Session with someone new to the Modality.  The full amount paid by the client will be given to the Teacher for her services.  The remaining amount (30%) of the Healing Session will be paid by the PIT to the Teacher for all of her services provided. 


Sessions will be conducted in the Teacher's space (in-person or via Zoom).  After completion of the Session, the Teacher will provide feedback, offer guidance and answer questions the student may have (approx time 20-30 mins).

If you are interested in this Program, please contact Cheryl by email:

Alchemical Healing Group Gatherings

These gatherings are offered to anyone who has taken any level of Alchemical Healing and is looking for support in their Alchemical Healing Journey.  These quarterly, 90 min sessions will be lead by a Qualified Alchemical Healing Teacher​. 

These sessions are a great opportunity to ask your questions regarding Alchemical Healing. This can include questions about the preparation for an AH Session or questions regarding things that have happened during an AH Session.  It could be questions about techniques used in Alchemical Healing.   ​Whatever questions that you may have regarding your experience with Alchemical Healing.


Included with this session is a 30 min review/discussion of an aspect or tool within Alchemical Healing.  This could include topics like the Heart Breath, Setting Space, Protection, Discernment etc. 


Location:  Zoom Only (Replay Available)

Exchange:  $22


~ Wed, July 31st, 2024 - 6:30pm EST

    (Using our Discernment)

~ Wed, Oct 30th, 2024 - 6:30pm EST

    (Protection - what, how, when, why)

~ Wed, Jan 29th, 2025 - 6:30pm EST

    (Setting your Space)


One on One Mentorship Session

This Program is offered to those looking for deeper one-on-one mentorship sessions with a qualified Alchemical Healing Teacher.   During these sessions you can ask questions, ask for feedback, ask for guidance....whatever you need support with on your Alchemical Healing Journey.  

Please note that I offer a free 20 min consultation session, where we can discuss this Program and to see if it's right for you.  If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me, via email at:

  • $44 - ½ hour session

  • $88 - 1 hour session

  • $111 – 1 ½ hours session

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